An innovative new cupping app that creates a visual representation of coffee’s flavor
Available both in a desktop version and optimized for mobile devices
Collaborative, paperless app that is the future of coffee communication
Available in three languages—English, Spanish, and Portuguese—allowing users to overcome language barriers

How does it work? A trained cupper uses Tastify™ to evaluate a coffee, following the widely used cupping protocol to log information. Once the evaluation is complete, Tastify™ mines that information to generate a wheel showing the flavors present in that coffee.


But that’s just the start. Users can share their cupping information and Tastify™ wheels with other users, as well as create multi-user digital cupping sessions.

As a Tastify™ user you also keep a record of the coffees you’ve cupped, allowing you to draw from your cupping history to find coffees you’ve liked and recall specific flavor profiles.